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tutor offering tutoring in Darlington
GBP$ 22 rent/hour

GCSE, A Level, Undergraduate English, Maths, Psychology, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology tutor offering tutoring in Darlington My husband and I have a lot of experience in education - I have been a primary teacher for over 20 years and Mark has lectured in psychology with research into how children learn. Between us we have successful tutored a large number of students over the past 5 years including achieving scholarships to private schools and exceeding school expectations on predicted grades. We both believe in starting from the strengths of a pupil and building on these. We support each other with our pupils so you get two for the price of one in terms of expertise/knowledge.

Contact Information
Contact person: ttw
Phone no.: +44-07864 194 812
E-Mail: info@ttw.co.uk
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