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Wild Place Project
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Wild Place Project

GBP$ 5 rent/day

Wild Place Project is a fun, family attraction that provides adventure, play and learning with an emphasis on protecting habitats on our doorsteps and around the globe.  Visitors to Wild Place Project can Discover Madagascar which is home to several mischievous lemurs, visit the Edge of Africa with zebras and eland roaming in the grassland, see okapi and cheeky red river hogs in the Secret Congo and pay a visit to the striking grey wolves of Europe.  New for 2015, Wild Place Project is home to the world’s fastest land mammal.  The cheetahs, all young males, are living in the new immersive Mahali Pori National Park exhibit.  Their home boasts exciting features such as a lure carrying food, which the cheetahs will chase, showing their full running speed of 0 to 60mph in only three seconds.  Plus new for the summer season will be an extended lemur walk-through, with an extra species of black and white ruffed lemurs, the ‘Congo Bongo’ play area and a puzzling maize maze.  Families can also take their shoes and socks off and enjoy an array of textures on the Barefoot Trail, climb up the scramble net and slide down the fireman’s pole in the Fun Fort, relax in the Tower Meadow or take a stroll in the protected ancient woodland.

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Contact person: visitbristol
Phone no.: 0906 7112191
E-Mail: bookingsteam@bristolzoo.org.uk
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