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Tennis Racket for Rent
GBP$ 3 Per hour
GBP$ 8 Per day
GBP$ 20 Per week
GBP$ 40 Per month
GBP$ 80 Per year
GBP$ 60 Per holiday

Tennis Racket for immediate rental use. The racket is designed by Wilson, one of the industry's most respected brands. With a lightweight frame, highly quality strings and a comfortable grip you will be able to hit agressive top spin, and slice shots with ease. 

The racket also comes with a protective case.

Tennis is a great way to experience the outdoors, improve your fitness and socialise. This racket is perfect for both beginners and experts.

Lease to buy No
Deposit: GBP$ 100
Renter Name: Daniel
Phone no.:
E-Mail: danielmiller5791@gmail.com
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