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St Paul's Cathedral Tickets
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St Paul's Cathedral Tickets

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The Cathedral committed to St Paul has sat above the City of London since 604 AD, a consistent suggestion to this extraordinary business focal point of the significance of the otherworldly side of life. The present Cathedral - the fourth to possess this site - was outlined by the court modeler Sir Christopher Wren and worked somewhere around 1675 and 1710 after its forerunner was demolished in the Great Fire of London. Its design and aesthetic significance mirror the determination of the five rulers who administered its building that London's driving church ought to be as excellent and forcing as their private castles. Commanding the London horizon, the brilliant domed basilica, composed by Sir Christopher Wren, was finished in 1710. Guests can now appreciate another comprehensive mixed media guide which weaves together contemporary photography, file film footage (counting the wedding of HRH Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer) and the voices of the individuals who work in St Paul's today, with meetings and discourse from the Dean of St Paul's, the Conservator and Director of Music amongst others.

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