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GBP$ 750 rent/day

There's a lot to choosing the right photographer, and it's not always price which guides you to which photographer is right for you.  Wedding Market work with a number of photographers who offer a variety of different packages, styles and options.  First of all we work with clients to find the right photographer for them, asking questions about what they might want, giving advice on photography styles and what's available at the same time we take into account personality, the feel of the day, the end result and the couple's expectations from their photography.  We show a range of styles and final results to ensure that couples are well informed about photography as a whole.  Then we look at which photographer may be right for you and then we can negotiate with the photographers on your behalf to ensure they offer you the package which suits you, nothing more, nothing less.

Contact Information
Contact person: Weddingmarket
Phone no.: 01832 280153
E-Mail: info@weddingmarket.co.uk
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