| | | Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR Body + 55mm Lens
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Pentax 645Z Medium Format Digital SLR Body + 55mm Lens
GBP$ 540 rent/week

Together with its climate safe, dustproof development, the new PENTAX medium-position consolidates a recently created picture sensor and imaging motor to upgrade picture quality and dependability. It additionally brags 51.4 compelling megapixels to create super-high-determination pictures with consistent with life feeling of profundity. It has tremendously enhanced essential determinations, for example, ceaseless shooting at roughly 3 fps; a tiltable, high-determination LCD screen; a best in class AF framework with a live-see capacity and a high-accuracy introduction control framework. It additionally gives much quicker reaction to the picture taker's orders under a wide range of shooting conditions. The outcome is the top level of operability and mobility required in requesting proficient work. It even elements full HD film recording capacity and cell phone openness by means of Wi-Fi transmission to include new potential outcomes and improve adaptability in imaginative photography.

Contact Information
Contact person: Calumet Photographic
Phone no.: 0333 003 5000
E-Mail: man@calphoto.co.uk
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