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Peanswood Country Manor
GBP$ 5,900 rent/week

Nestled in the lovely farmland of East-Sussex in the edges of thedazzling medieval town of Robertsbridge, Peanswood Country Manor is an impeccable 8-room lodge and stands amazingly in 15 sectionsof land of private forest giving extravagant and agreeable convenience to up to 16 visitors. After a dazzling, clearing drive down through the forested areas from the private gated passage, you will instantly see that the customary design of this villa sits in consistent agreement with the encompassing scene. Venturing inside, you will be overpowered by the inviting quiet environment made by the shrewd and tastefulmix between both the cutting edge and established styles of its somewhat luxurious inside stylistic layout.

Contact Information
Contact person: Oliver's Travels
Phone no.: 0203 637 0999
E-Mail: marketing@oliverstravels.com
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