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Pay as you Go
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Pay as you Go

GBP$ 25 rent/week

Want a planner to just help with some tasks? Our pay as you go option may work better for you. We'll quote you based on an hourly rate to take on the exact bits you want us to, to perfectly suit your timings and budget requirements. Use us to find and visit a venue with your, design your wedding theme on storyboards or to just send out your invites and receive RSVP's. This really is the flexible way to use Wedding Market's time. Alternatively, use us to get quotes for you, read your contracts, design your day or plan your timeline and/or budget. Our current hourly rate is £49 per hour or we offer blocks of 10 hours to use as you go along for £250.

Contact Information
Contact person: Weddingmarket
Phone no.: 01832 280153
E-Mail: info@weddingmarket.co.uk
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