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GBP$ 30 rent/hour


We offer Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Cognative Behavioural Therapy, for a wide range of conditions both antenatally and postnatally. These include blood and needle phobias, body image issues, smoking cessation, weight management and low self esteem amongst others. We offer all our services to both women and their birth partners.


We can also offer referrals for alternative strategies for mental health.


We specialise in birth trauma and postnatal depression and understand how debilitating both of these things can be.


Please contact us for a confidential chat.



£30 per session (60-90 minutes) either in your own home or at The Quiet Room, our dedicated women's clinic in Donington.

Contact Information
Contact person: Midwives
Phone no.: +44-07790 443629
E-Mail: info@midwives.co.uk
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