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On The Day Coordination
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On The Day Coordination

GBP$ 450 rent/day

Our IWPP qualified wedding planner will work with you up to your day with you, understand all the workings of the day, suppliers, what they're doing, who they are, what everything looks like too.  They will then do a timeline with you and be there to help fill in the gaps and point out the right timings and ask what's happening when and add in the little touches they know will be needed.  They will be there on the day from early on to accept your suppliers and ensure everything is in the right place and wont leave until all the suppliers have fulfilled their obligations and everything is nearly over. We also take on some final touches and venue dressing jobs too. Price is inclusive of a local site visit also.  Only thing to add on is 45p a mile for any travelling done. 1 x 3 hour consultation is included in the showroom to talk about your booked on the day service and look over your contracts for you too!.. Lots of time, expertise and just around the cost of a 4 hour disco or photobooth only!

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Contact person: Weddingmarket
Phone no.: 01832 280153
E-Mail: info@weddingmarket.co.uk
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