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Katie The Belly Dancer
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Katie The Belly Dancer

GBP$ 210 rent/day

Katie The Belly Dancer is a conceived performer, her tremor like shimmies, stunning undulations, liquid snake like hip developments and mesmerizing choreographies have caught gatherings of people everywhere throughout the UK and past. Katie's exhibitions show everything from gritty, grounded north African fables to exquisite, floaty established styles to brazen, smart and energetic men's club combination. Katie's broad preparing and performing background is reflected in her utilization of complex developments, normal musicality and capacity to make an interpretation of music into relating move structure. She has an interesting capacity to charm, draw in with and connect with the group of onlookers and will abandon them mesmorised! Her choreographies completely make an interpretation of the musical sound into development and feeling - and in light of the fact that Katie still endeavors to proceed to enhance and immaculate her craft, implies she generally conveys crisp, energizing and element schedules at each occasion

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Contact person: Warble Entertainment Agency
Phone no.: 0845 643 9384
E-Mail: info@warble-entertainment.com
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