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Intuitive Counselling
GBP$ 30 rent/hour

A consultation with Mandy will give you a new perspective about whatever is troubling or confusing in your life.  
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Mandy will help you see clearly or look at your life in a different way than you may have previously.
Mandy creates awareness so that people can make choices and changes that enhance their lives.
Are you Struggling with health concerns, depression, anxiety, or detachment from your everyday life, few of you realize that your symptoms may be a call for you to access the deep inner self. Each individual is rich in symbolic language. Just as we collectively interpret a red light to mean, ‘Stop!’ any form of discomfort can be a sign from our spirit to cease regular activity. A headache or a panic attack may be an urgent message, just as important to one’s safety and wellbeing as a stop sign. What is the message? That’s to be determined.
Much personal pain and unsettling emotions are actually directing a person to shake up his or her life; to break out of stagnation or misery. As an intuitive counsellor, Mandy supports clients in developing the skills needed to use the energy data that their minds or bodies give them. After seeing an intuitive counsellor, a client may discover that yes, her headache often means she’s gone too long between meals and her low-blood sugar has dropped, but it can also mean she’s gone too long without doing something sweet, like going out with her friends or hiking in the woods.
By validating the unseen and being open to the unexpected, intuitive counselors are able to assure clients that inner guidance is always available. The intuitive voice is the authentic one.
In Mandys intuitive counseling practice she helps you to listen to your body, mind, emotions and spirit.
Price £30.00 per hour by appointment only at 
Angelic Beauty 
752 College Road 
B44 0AJ

Contact Information
Contact person: Mandy
Phone no.: +44-0121 238 0053
E-Mail: angelicbeautyxx@mail.com
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