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Davey Wilson
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Davey Wilson

GBP$ 200 rent/day

Davey is an able guitarist with a raw, characteristic and soulful vocal. He is able-bodied accomplished in the bartering market, accepting played abounding clandestine and accumulated events. Previous engagements accept included weddings, altogether parties, garden parties, restaurants, alms balls, hen dos, pubs, wine bars, hotels, festivals and even funerals! This ample acquaintance agency Davey can clothier his set altogether to clothing your occasion. He will generally play absorbing and aboriginal arrange of able-bodied accepted songs, spanning beyond several decades. As an arising abandoned artisan arena his own aboriginal material, you can be assured that Davey will be current, accordant and professional, ensuring your guests will get a memorable and agitative performance. He has played BBC introducing and bounded radio shows, as able-bodied as accepting his aboriginal actual produced for bounded anniversary accumulation albums.

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Contact person: Last Minute Musicians
Phone no.: 8000206102
E-Mail: admin@lastminutemusicians.com
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