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British Airways i360
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Climb to 450 feet noticeable all around, with an energizing ride on the world's first ever vertical link auto. Arranged on Brighton seafront, the British Airways i360 is a fresh out of the plastic new creation from the general population who gave us The London Eye. Right away turning into a notorious element of the Brighton horizon, the i360 is the world's tallest moving perception tower, giving stunning perspectives of the coastline, the city and 26 miles of the beautiful encompassing region. As you gradually ascend to the full stature of the perception deck, the interesting excellence of Brighton will spread out before you. The completely encased, warmed, aerated and cooled, efficiently formed and advanced glass seeing unit gives continuous, 360 degree sees that will blow your mind. At night, the i360 changes into a Sky Bar and the shoreline working at the base of the tower contains an in vogue brasserie, tea rooms, a show and a children play zone. It's a stunning expansion to a splendid day out in Brighton.

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Contact person: goldentours
Phone no.: 207 630 2028
E-Mail: customerservices@goldentours.com
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