| | | Amplifier Rack: Lab-Gruppen 2-way amp rack
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Amplifier Rack: Lab-Gruppen 2-way amp rack
GBP$ 60 rent/day

1500 Watts x 2 Power Amplifier Dual Output Level Controls and Illumination Protection Indicator Power On/Off Switch Stereo/Mono Selector Stereo or idged Power Into 4 or 8 Ohms Dual RCA Combo Inputs Blue Color LED Display Ground Lift Switch AC Accessory Inlet Heavy Duty Fan Cooled Aluminum Heatsink 110/220 Voltage Selector Dimensions: 3 15/32" H x 19" W x 10 11/16" D Weight 18.52 LBS.

Contact Information
Contact person: igoepahire
Phone no.: 8456255555
E-Mail: sales@igoepahire.co.uk
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