| | | ARVA Evo3+ Avalanche Transceiver
ARVA Evo3+ Avalanche Transceiver
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ARVA Evo3+ Avalanche Transceiver

GBP$ 20 rent/week

Easy to utilize and an off piste must have during the current year. While keeping up its productivity and convenience the EVO3 + various examination advances with the reconciliation of a focal catch stamping casualties. Somewhat more for this unit to a great degree successful. With its "Clasp AND SAFE" framework the unit will naturally transmit amid its implementation.EVO3 + The handset is perfect for clients searching for a gadget effortlessly of utilization and security are watchwords

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Contact person: Expedition Kit Hire
Phone no.: 01446 775 313
E-Mail: expeditionkit.hire@yandex.com
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