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All Clean
Gold B’wood Chair (Purple pad)
Rent: £2
ADDRESS CARDS & AT HOME INVITATIONS 25 Address Cards and envelopes
Rent: £45
A4 Letterheads with matching DL Envelopes 100 Sheets
Rent: £190
LETTERHEADS A5 Letterheads with matching C6 Envelopes50 Sheets
Rent: £85
Thank You Cards
Rent: £2
Thank You Cards
Rent: £2
Reply Cards
Rent: £2
Place Card with Name of Guest
Rent: £1
Order of Service Sheet
Rent: £3
Order of Service Booklet
Rent: £4
A5 Card
Rent: £3
A6 Evening Invitation
Rent: £2
Refrigeration Accessories Hire
Rent: £20
Tall Showcase Hire
Rent: £155
Low Showcase Hire
Rent: £175
Picket Fencing Hire
Rent: £16
Balustrade Hire
Rent: £11
Kids Furniture Hire
Rent: £1
Patio Heater Hire
Rent: £36
Barbeque Hire
Rent: £50